Allow me to offer a short introduction to these pictures, that will be supplanted by another more detailed discussion soon.

This is a major exterior renovation of an old wooden farmhouse that took place in rural Pennsylvania.  The majority of the work took place in the summer and hall of the year just passed.  This house had not had a drop of paint put on it in 30 or more years.  The only reason I was able to rejuvenate, rather than strip and replace, the exterior of this house, is because the overlapping boards on the outside of the house are made of cedar wood.  But even cedar wood has its limits as to how long it can stand up to the elements.  Every square inch of the surface had to be sanded down to remove rotted wood so that paint could ultimately be applied.  Every side of the house received 4 coats of sprayed paint, two primer and two finished exterior paint. 










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360⁰ Transformation: Rural Farm House – Left Side View


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