Since an early age I've been creating, building and modifying the world in which we live. Raised by some master crafters, I've learned so many skills they all seem to have blended together into a meta-skill. I'm a creative problem solver and a college educated analyzer of businesses and systems. I bring a broad perspective having lived and worked in the most rural settings to the most modern of locals, and I'm at home everywhere I go.

Category: Electrical Work


Apartment Renovation – Fort Green, Brooklyn

Before and After. I jumped in on this one and ran for a month.  I’ll write more further on down the line.


Installing an electrical system in somewhat less impossible walls.

I have way more experience, proportionally, retro-fitting and refurbishing existing structures, than working new construction.  Which is fine by me.  New construction is easier, and I’m...


High Quality Room with Loft Build-In

One of the things that I have been specializing in over the last few years is creating and installing built in lofts.  This was a larger...