Since an early age I've been creating, building and modifying the world in which we live. Raised by some master crafters, I've learned so many skills they all seem to have blended together into a meta-skill. I'm a creative problem solver and a college educated analyzer of businesses and systems. I bring a broad perspective having lived and worked in the most rural settings to the most modern of locals, and I'm at home everywhere I go.

Category: Demolition


Evolution of a Bathroom

So here is the setup on this project.  I working on building a handi-cap accessible bathroom for some nice folk in Washinton DC.  In the middle...


Anatomy of a Demolition – (Part 7: The Wrap Up)

Finally we are back to where we started.  In (Part 1) we went through a series of before and after shots of the entire space.  Here...


Anatomy of a Demolition – (Part 6: Knocking Apart A Shower)

This was a rather small but functional bathroom that is about to be torn apart.  We’ll start with a few pre-demolition shots.  There was a small...


Anatomy Of A Demolition – (Part 5: Knocking Over A Wall)

It took us a little while to get to the point where we could take out this wall separating the kitchen from the living area.  For...


Anatomy Of A Demolition – (Part 3: Starting Demo Area)

We started with this part of the apartment for a few reasons.  To start with, this was the only part of the apartment where there was...


Anatomy Of A Demolition – (Part 2: Setting Up The Job)

It was very important on this job to contain the dust we were going to create or release in the process of demolition.  We knew that...


Anatomy of a Demolition – (Part 1: Before and After)

This will be the first of many articles based on this particular act of destruction.  Before I embark on some beginning to end post of this...