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Brick Wall and Some Painting Process

This apartment would be considered a railroad apartment, here in New York City.  It doesn’t have a tub in the kitchen like an old school one would, because we just completely rebuilt the whole thing.  (There was in fact an old cast iron tub on feet that we had to take out of this apartment.)


On the brick side, the brick are stripped, sanded, patched, and ready for lots of polyurethane to seal up the old (100 year) dry mortar.  On the drywall side, the drywall is patched, sanded, and ready for painting.  At ceiling level, you see that a bit of the crown molding has been painted.

Here’s another shot, before painting started.


The angled corner beside the red pipe required extensive patching because when this building was built, I don’t think they considered that someone would want the bricks to be visible in the future.


You can see that the bricks between the two windows have not been fully sanded down yet to clean them up for finishing.


A nice long shot of the brick wall that would be in the kitchen/dinning room.


Looking out onto 45th St.




Here the primer painting is getting underway.



For what is left here we jump from walls ready for paint, to walls that have already been primer painted, the ceilings and crown moldings have been completely painted, and I am now working on trimming out the finished paint.

Any one who tells you they roll out the walls with a roller first and then do the trim after, really isn’t interested in doing a very good job.


This is what you should be seeing right before the finish rolling takes place. Except no substitutions.



Just getting ready to roll out the walls.


I just love those crazy crown molding angles.







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