Since an early age I've been creating, building and modifying the world in which we live. Raised by some master crafters, I've learned so many skills they all seem to have blended together into a meta-skill. I'm a creative problem solver and a college educated analyzer of businesses and systems. I bring a broad perspective having lived and worked in the most rural settings to the most modern of locals, and I'm at home everywhere I go.

High Quality Room with Loft Build-In

One of the things that I have been specializing in over the last few years is creating and installing built in lofts.  This was a larger room for the building, probably around 110 feet sq.  Where a door opens into a room is usually dead space.  With this design we played upon that idea.



Here is what you would see when you first look into this room.  In order to enter the door has to be opened most of 180 degrees.  When answering the door the person outside your room cannot really see anything but a closet keeping the whole room discreet from the hall.




So, in this little dead space we have the ladder to the loft (which the door clears on the swing), the door to the room, and the doors to the closet, and a wide overhead shelf above the door; all bunched up in an otherwise unusable portion of the room.


Stepping back, we can see even more clearly how storage the over head shelf is really holding.



Continuing with our utilitarian design we see that under the loft not only do we have a closet, but also a nice kitchen area.



Under the countertop there’s room for more storage and a refrigerator.



As we begin to pan about the room we see in the upper left corner the anchor point on the brick wall for the loft. Here I used expansion anchors in the brick to mount an unmovable corner. This loft doesn’t creak or move at all.



Once again, a lovely brick wall.



With a full sized mattress on the loft above, he has room for a nice couch below for lounging.

Turn around toward the front of the room, you see a ceiling fan centered on the window where it is above the radiator and window, and a nice distance from the loft.

Looking out onto 51st Street.

As we move to this corner, we have a funny angled wall that would not go to waste. In fact it ended up being the perfect place to set up the inevitable media station, conveniently opposite the couch.

Another look at the overhead storage and entry area.

For the last couple of picture here we are featuring the floor.

Again this is the approx. $1.30 a square foot oak flooring that just looks absolutely great.

I like to do 3 coat of the Bona strong water-based poly on these floors. The stuff really is strong and lasts well.

At just twice the price of commercial tile that you see pictured on this site, I wouldn’t want to put anything else in on a budget.


In place of real biographical information (which requires time and effort that has yet to be expended) let me just offer this brief bit. College Educated Academic Type with a Combined Business Major specializing in Analyzing Things. Coupled with an Artistic Earth-Centered Country-Raised Kid with an Expansive-Green-Organic Adulthood while being many things including Heretic Ecentric and Risk-Taker. In there somewhere, you might find some insight into the cognitive being known as Lee Semanek.

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