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Psychedelic Disco Bathroom, or Texture Painting Walkthrough

** Note, this page is currently being worked on, some additions to come 10-22-2011**

This is a bathroom where I first had to – repair walls, eliminate holes , repair water damage, and ultimately had to – paint into an in-your-face psychedelic disco bathroom from hell.   I did not choose the colors I’d like to note.  I did however paint this colorful creation, include the three layers paint that was done with a piece of natural sea sponge.  My pictures here don’t really do justice to the final product.  It’s much more fun in person.

I’m starting here with an evolutionary series of just one view of this multi-step textured paint job.  I’ll follow that with a more step by step breakdown.

Repair and Primer Painting


Little more of the same.


Pretty In Pink. The Base color for all the insanity to follow. So far so good.


With the magenta stage skipped over, here we have pink/magenta/baby blue.


Final stage with dark purple accents over other 3 colors.

Lit up.


Shinning Bright


Repair stage.  Repairing Walls and applying Primer Paint.


Here’s a shot when I was getting close to applying the primer paint.


More of the damage repairs.


You can see more patching around the ceiling and below the electric subpanel.


There are crazy angles all around this room. Product of the quest for more space in your apartment that many New Yorkers go through. Here the crazy angles are covering up the building’s plumbing.


It kind of looked nice with white walls in here.


Our first layer of this creation, a nice light pink.


And now for a quick tour around the room.


It’s looking kind of nice with just the pink as well.


Here again the sink area.

Here we are looking back toward the shower area.

Having forgotten to photograph a step, here starts a magenta layer followed by light blue.


I’m going to make a few comments about the paint used in the bathroom through out this pictorial. I used Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec paint throughout, and it is exceptionl in many ways.


The first lovely thing about working with this paint from the painter’s perspective is that it has virtually no odor. No bad fumes to be trapped in with at all. It has a very low VOC.


The next lovely thing about working with this Eco Spec paint is that it goes on and sticks without running even when doing heavy coats.


Here we see just a hint of the final layer (dark purple) being tested out.

For some reason, most of the premium paints smell terrible during and after painting because they are made with stuff you don’t want to breathe in your home, and sag and run like wild when you try to roll the walls out. This makes you have to be super nervous about you painting.  You have to go back over your work over and over for 15 minutes or more to catch snags and runs.



So the Eco Spec paint is low VOC and is a great paint to work with. Could there be something even better about it? Read on.


Here starts our cycle of pictues of the finished texture project. Randomness on top of randomness on top of randomness. Again we will pan around the room counterclockwise.


The only acces to this bathroom is the spiral staircase. The bathrooms was built and walled up from the inside.


Now the electrical sub-panel blends right in with the rest of the wall.


The white of the bath area is now a sea of calm in an ocean of motion.


Shinning Bright


The pipe that you see cutting through this picture is a heat pipe. That is it carries hot steam to the radiators. Potentially tough on a non-high-heat paint.

This is possibly my best photo showing a broad look at the whole bathroom.






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