Since an early age I've been creating, building and modifying the world in which we live. Raised by some master crafters, I've learned so many skills they all seem to have blended together into a meta-skill. I'm a creative problem solver and a college educated analyzer of businesses and systems. I bring a broad perspective having lived and worked in the most rural settings to the most modern of locals, and I'm at home everywhere I go.

Anatomy Of A Demolition – (Part 5: Knocking Over A Wall)

It took us a little while to get to the point where we could take out this wall separating the kitchen from the living area.  For reasons both of conservation of effort, and  for reasons of fun, we decided to knock the whole wall down in one shot.  Here is the first of two pictures of the wall that must go.



We cracked each vertical support with a sledge hammer where is intersected with the ceiling. Once they were all lopse, we were ready for a quick bit of destruction.


Now we are ready for a push.









Once the wall fell and the dust exploded, we ran out of here for 5 minutes to let that air filter work its magic. Even with a rubber mask, that much dust is almost impossible to keep out.





In place of real biographical information (which requires time and effort that has yet to be expended) let me just offer this brief bit. College Educated Academic Type with a Combined Business Major specializing in Analyzing Things. Coupled with an Artistic Earth-Centered Country-Raised Kid with an Expansive-Green-Organic Adulthood while being many things including Heretic Ecentric and Risk-Taker. In there somewhere, you might find some insight into the cognitive being known as Lee Semanek.

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