You’ll see a few of these rooms featured.  We were going for very durable rooms ready for many years of service.  If you are like me, you find the aesthetic of these bowl sinks to be very fine.  They pretty much force you to think about a sink differently, especially if you are not accustomed to looking at one.  This is another room where the shape of the room caused us to mount a sink uniquely.  This is a room where the plaster walls and old hardwood floor were worn out.  Any excuse to expose bricks is taken.  One constant contribution of my own to all of these renovations, is the new electrical system.  From the new electrical system, to the brick wall, to the hardwood floor, and stone counter-top, this room is ready for long durable service, and will be easy to maintain as an attractive living space.




These sinks look lovely in a room.


Exposed bricks make a space feel solid & safe.



In addation to the oak hardwood floors, this room also has some stone on the floor around where the sink is.



This would be a 30″ metal door.

These bowl sinks are lovely.




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